St.Dominic's Convent English Medium School,Vellani

St.Dominic Convent's English Medium School

Welcome to St.Dominic CEMS I am delighted you have chosen St.Dominic CEMS for your son/daughter’s education. You have made an excellent choice! My team and I will make it our first priority to ensure that your child is happy, healthy and engaged throughout his/her educational journey with us.

This handbook is a helpful guide of information that you will need to navigate this journey with us. Partnership is at the core of what we are offering here ; whilst we are the educational experts, we require your support in encouraging, sharing and engaging with your child on a regular basis. Together we can hope to produce bright, world citizens ready for the future before them.

I urge you to read and note this entire handbook. Information on our curriculum, our code of conduct is as equally important as the expectations you have of us and our communications with you. We wish to start the academic year with expectations.

Kindly note the information sessions and orientation sessions at the start of the academic year. Please attend the meetings at the start of the year so that any unanswered questions, once you have read this guide, can be addressed and answered at this time. Once again, I welcome you to St.Dominic CEMS to meet with me at all times.

At St.Dominic CEMSwe all work together – teachers, students and parents – to create a dynamic and engaging school community where learning, growth, challenge and connection are the sources of happiness and meaning. For students who make this commitment, their St.Dominic CEMS experience will be one of the happiest memories of their childhood, and I speak for all the teachers when I say, we shall strive to make the students experience here – extraordinary.

St.Dominic's Convent English Medium School,Vellani