St.Dominic's Convent English Medium School,Vellani

General Information

Early Going

Early going of pupils will be allowed only in unavoidable circumstances. The parent/guardian should get permission from the Principal for the early going of his/her child. Any verbal or written request from persons other than parents/ guardians, will not be entertained. Moreover, written requests from parents/guardians sent through messengers will not be considered.


A student must have put in a minimum of 85% of attendance
for promotion to the higher class. Shortage of 15% can be
condoned by the Principal on medical grounds. Shortage
beyond this limit will not be condoned.

leave of Absence

Any absence must be explained in the form of a leave note
on the page provided for this purpose in the Diary and it
must be signed by the parent and should be countersigned
by the Principal. Pupils who absent themselves from the
school without permission for more than 15 consecutive
working days will be removed from the rolls.

St.Dominic's Convent English Medium School,Vellani